A Dandelion feeling

Dandelion collection expresses the emotions of the transition from the cold season to the spring sparkling soul. A kind of transformation and aesthetic result of a natural scenography where childhood memories and kitenik feelings are suggested by the specific design of the dandelion flower. The collection is composed by eight pieces: four in rose gold, Essential Rose Gold, inspired by the natural color of human skin, and four in white gold and diamonds, Midnight White Gold and Diamond, for those who are looking for timeless pieces.

Breathe, relax and shine

Each jewel has its own identity: if Essential Rose Gold celebrates mind calms, the sweetness of the new season together with the simple and joyful things of daily life, the diamonds and the elegant white gold of Midnight jewels will make you fall in love with hot evenings and capture the frenzy of sparkling nights, in the eternal feeling of being playful and escape the sunlight. The collection takes part in this adventure as the designer gift for women who love to be surprised and never underestimate the importance of details. Take your time and start playing!