A contemporary story

Le Kadeau is the dream of a young designer, graduated in Jewellery Design at “Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana” in Milan, aiming to embrace the values of her familiar traditions in jewellery field with a new brand for today’s women: elegant, brave, free and ironic. Le Kadeau wants to create an innovative vision, with international and independent spirit, through radical and conscious stylistic choices.

A journey into nature

Le Kadeau takes inspiration from the uniqueness of nature, trying to reconnect to its essence, living unexpected moments and start a journey in its elements trough observation, comprehension and assimilation. With all our passion and dedication, we transform the complexity of nature into unique and essential details: our efforts are directed forward the search of innovative solutions, always between reason and emotion.

Celebrating women

We want to talk about women, showing their beauty, bravery and authenticity. Each collection wants to be a new world where women are the essence of unique landscapes, as result of the perfect harmony of nature, art, architecture and emotions. Each collection is inspired by an imaginary of intense plastic inspirations, which permeate the perception of daily life and special occasions.

Shaping creativity

Le Kadeau is the perfect combination of nature and design, creativity and attention to details. The soul of the brand is strictly connected to Italian excellence in craftsmanship values and to the collaboration between designers and artists, which generate the perfect balance between the concept and its creation. The jewels are manufactured by italian skilled artisans, with a masterful experience in the art of goldwork.

Materials matter

The materials selection (diamonds and gold 750/1000) and their perfect use, the study of the colours for each parure, together with high professional finish of each collection make the high - quality the foundation of each jewel.

Digital or real-world store?

Where to buy

If you love shopping, walking through the town and you want to choose the jewel touching it, you can come to visit us and talk! We will be glad to give you our precious advice, to help you in the choice of the right size and to explain how to take care of your jewels.


Except for the products displayed in the window, each Le Kadeau jewel is unique and made only upon order. So therefore, we decided to create a system to led to a close connection with our clients, also on-line, funded on trust during the stage of the relationship: selection of the product, payment, manufacture and delivery of the jewels all around the world. 




Galleria Santa Marta, Bergamo
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