Size Guide

Select your size on our Sizes guide: if after reading through it you're still hesitant, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you.

In order to get reliable measurements, we suggest you use ribbon ore twine: wrap it around your finger/wrist and use ruler to gauge the length in millimeters/centimeters; then check following directions regarding circumference/size. 

Ring: we suggest to measure the length bearing in mind that the ring is usually worn where your finger joins your hand. Use the twine wrapping it around your finger, then measure its length with a ruler.

Circumference in mm related to ring size:

Circumference 52 - 54 mm (5,2 - 5,4 cm) = size 12 - 14 

Circumference 54 - 56 mm (5,4 - 5,6 cm) = size 14 - 16 

Circumference 56 - 58 mm (5,6 - 5,8 cm) = size 16 - 18

Bracelet: to select the bracelet size we suggest to measure the circumference wrapping the twine just below your wrist. Measure the length with the ruler, then add about 5mm to calculate your exact size.

Circumference in mm related to bracelet size:

Circumference 150 mm (15cm) = size 15 

Circumference 160 mm  (16cm) = size 16 

Circumference 170 mm (17cm) = size 17