The Swing Collection

The Swing collection, in 9KT rose gold, is inspired by pine needles, Shanghai structures and dance movements. It consists of pendant and lobe earrings, bracelet, ring and three necklaces of different lengths, formed by compositions of needles that, through modular overlapping, create a kinetic game. The shapes are irregular and organic, and come from the aesthetic simplification of the pine leaf, the fringes of the Charleston clothes and the dynamism of the overlapping bodies in the act of dancing.

Dance, rithm and nature

In this collection all styles of dance are evoked, from the most ancient traditions to the contemporary. Dance, as the maximum expression of our ability to feel the nature and the listening to our inner self, becomes a symbol of re-appropriation of the female body. Swing jewels are placed within this journey like special objects evoking these sensations: physicality, sensuality and confidence.